Peter J Salzano - Tattoo Lover

Peter Salzano is a tattoo artist working full time in California

Peter J Salzano

Peter Salzano is a tattoo artist working full time in California. At a very young age, he started drawing and the passion for art attracted him towards tattooing.

He studied arts in California and is specialized in making a custom tattoo. He developed his tattooing skills by practicing in a small tattoo place in Ferndale. After brushing up his skills, he decided to open his own tattoo shop in California.

He has mastered the tattoo art and is capable of producing unique tattoo designs. Peter has a reputation for creating high-quality art and tattoos that reflect his passion and dedication to tattooing.

Peter J Salzano Tattoo Lover

He is widely known in the area for his variety of tattoo styles. He specializes in traditional, neo-traditional tattoos and the realism style of tattooing.

“I started with the traditional style of tattooing, gradually with practice I expanded my creativity and started practicing the other styles too”. He got his first tattoo at the age of 19 in Latin. Since then he loves doing tattoos for others and has got more than fifteen tattoos on his own body.

Even though after practicing all styles of tattoos, Peter loves serving the customers with their tattoo design requirements along with his touch.

According to Peter, “People with a passion for the visual art should pursue a career in tattoo making as it can help them emerge as a professional tattoo artist.”  

You can see his work through the pictures displayed on the website and read his blogs to know more about tattoos, its aftercare, and different styles. The blog section is created with an aim to provide unique tattoo ideas and creative designs to the tattoo lovers. Peter’s blogs allow both men and women to discover various categories of tattoos to enrich their tattooed lives. Also the blogs helps in providing the amateur artist with inspiration and guidance. You can follow Peter’s blog for more updates.

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