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Every tattoo has its own relevance and is created with some thought in mind”. Peter, a renowned tattoo artist and tattoo lover, considers the fact that there is always a story that you don’t know behind the great ink.

From getting his first tattoo at the age of 19 to studying arts, he has built a deep passion for tattooing. His affair with tattoos started when he was young.

After practicing in a small tattoo shop in Ferndale, the delicate tattoo making skills of Peter led him to open his own tattoo store. He follows the most rigorous hygienic standards and uses safe tattooing methods to maintain a pristine working environment in his studio.


Peter considers tattoos to be a powerful form of art that allows people to express their emotions and beliefs. Tattoo for him represents passion and marks an important event in his life. 

Peter practices different styles of tattoos and is specialized in Traditional, neo-traditional and realism styles

With a different touch in his art, Peter is a perfectionist and master of portraits, skulls and black grey shading. He’s visited by dozens of clients on a daily basis, each wanting to get some sort of personal story imprinted on their skin. 

His dedication to creating elegant and unique tattoos made him one of the notable rising stars in the tattoo industry. Visit the gallery section to discover his brilliant artistry.

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Tattoos were mainly seen on sailors and prisoners however currently everyone out of every 5 people 3 have their skin tattooed. People consider tattoos as a symbol of courage and inspiration. Tattoos are an intriguing subject. For Peter, tattoos are art just like all other parts of the world. They personify almost everything and act as a heart on the sleeve. The tattoo is a symbol of art with significance that will stay with you forever.


For Peter, he thinks “Pure ink and uniqueness will set standards for the tattoo industry”. he strives to present the clients with the best services and work. He believes in creative expression and in creating a community around that art. He endeavors to deliver the best quality of work. Peter wants you to be a part of his art community.


Tattoos are a controversial topic and its something concerned with the skin. Therefore at our tattoo shop, we only tattoo people 18 years of age or older and do not perform any tattoo or piercing on people we suspect are under the influence of alcohol. We do not accept prepayments at our tattoo salon.