Peter J Salzano: Best Tattoo Ink Suggested by Experts

“Getting a tattoo done on your body is a big decision and so is choosing the right tattoo and the right kind of ink that suits your tattoo and your skin type,” says Peter J Salzano, a professional tattoo artist.

These days you will find various kinds of tattoos and ink used for creating these amazing tattoos. As a fact it is important for you to know that not all types of tattoo ink will suit your skin type. To discuss, research and take suggestions from your tattoo artist before you get a tattoo done.

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Let’s go through the tips shared by Peter J Salzano that will give you a clear idea about the type of inks and what type will suit your skin type and tattoo:

  • The best black tattoo ink:
  • Dynamic Black
  • Panthera
  • Eternal Ink MAXX Black
  • Intenze Zuper Black
  • Nocturnal
  • Big Sleeps Ink
  • The best white tattoo ink:
  • Eternal White
  • Dynamic White
  • Intenze Snow White
  • Kuro Sumi Samurai White
  • List of some popular tattoo ink brands:
  • Eternal Ink
  • Intenze
  • World Famous Ink
  • Fusion Ink
  • MOM’s Nuclear Black Light Inks
  • Kuro Sumi Glow
  • Examples of best tattoo ink designs:
  • Electronic Black ink on Selver Tattoo on any skin type
  • White ink on a rose tattoo on White Skin
  • Colourful ink on horse tattoo nest for white skin
  • Fluorescent ink tattoo on arm suits all skin type
  • A grey shaded ink on a fairy tattoo design is best suitable for medium skin type
  • Simple black ink tattoos on the wrist suits all skin type
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These are the popular types of inks used for a tattoo, but the main point here is selecting the right ink for your tattoo. A little research and discussion with your tattoo artist will help you decide the right design and ink type, so do consider the suggestion. The colourful ink may fade with time, and so does the black one, so do not fall for assumption and rumours about the ink type says, Peter J Salzano. Your tattoo design will be more beautiful if you select the right ink for it.