Peter J Salzano: Could Electric Tattoos be the Next Step in Body Art?

“The glowing tattoos are the new sensation in the world of tattoos,” says Peter J Salzano, a popular tattoo artist and a blogger. There are a few tattoo ink colours available in the market that glow under ultraviolet lights.

Whereas blacklight tattoos are equally popular. These tattoos glow but only under black light. In a simple sense, the tattoo will glob in the night when the lights are off or you are at a dark place with no light.

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On the other hand, the concept of glowing tattoos has taken over the market, as these days tattoo artists like Peter J Salzano use this glowing ink to highlight specific elements of a tattoo, like a name, eyes etc. This experiment is becoming popular day by day among tattoo lovers, as soon the electric also known as glowing tattoos will become a popular trend.

As per the safety concern, the glowing tattoo ink is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Whereas the glow-in-the-dark pigments used in any cosmetic product is strictly regulated. There are very strict rules for using neon pigments, only luminescent zinc sulfide (luminescent colour) is approved for cosmetic use.

But there are many naturally fluorescent colours available in the market that happen to be UV reactive. The process to make this type of tattoo ink is the same as any other tattoo ink.

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What you should totally avoid is tattoo ink that has phosphorus as an element for a glowing effect, says Peter J Salzano. It has a number of bad effects and should be avoided.

For now, we can say that yes the electric tattoos are gaining popularity and on the other hand the tattoo artists are experimenting to make them more attractive, safe and innovative for tattoo lovers.