Peter J Salzano: How Long Will it Take For a Tattoo to Heal?

Tattoos are a popular form of body art that requires constant care to avoid any type of damage to your skin and the tattoo,” says Peter J Salzano, a popular tattoo artist and a blogger. It is obvious that tattoos take time to heal as your body is exposed to injected ink, pigment or dye resulting in pain and discomfort. The skin needs time to heal thus there are a number of precautions, dos and don’ts that you need to follow after you get a tattoo done.

But the question here is “how long will it take for a tattoo to heal?” Basically, the time to heal depends on different factors like the size of the tattoo, skin type, weather etc. But the average time for a tattoo to heal is around 2-4 weeks from the day the tattoo is done.

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Peter J Salzano says there is a possibility that your tattoo takes more time to heal than clothes. There can be multiple reasons for this. Let’s discuss some of the top reasons in this post:

  • Choose a repeated tattoo studio that uses good aseptic techniques.
  • Poor tattoo hygiene is the main reason for infection and increased time for healing.
  • The skin allergies also add to the increase in time for healing a tattoo. Make sure you are aware of your skin and allergies if any before you plan to get a tattoo done.
  • Re-filling the colours or frequent enhancements in the tattoo is again a reason why your tattoo can take longer to heal.
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These are the main factors that generally increase the healing time of a tattoo. The buffer time as discussed above is generally 2-4 weeks but might increase because of your carelessness. Peter J Salzano says the main theory here is precautions and cleanness that can reduce the healing time or in worst cases you might need to visit a hospital because of the tattoo.