Peter J Salzano: Tattoos and Teens

Getting a Tattoo is a big decision so make it wisely,” is what Peter J Salzano, a professional tattoo artist, suggests. There are many countries that have set a certain age limit for getting tattoos which is a wise decision. But on the other hand, there are small states and communities that consider tattoos a part of their culture resulting in each person with a similar tattoo done at a young age.

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Minors are always kept away from tattoos but why? Here is the answer:

  • They are too young to decide what tattoo they want and consider it as a fun activity
  • The reports say that it is very difficult for minors to bear the pain while getting a tattoo done, as it is too soft.
  • The chances of infection are high among kids as they tend to take less precaution because of their carefree nature and another reason is sensitive skin.
  • As per the reports, the majority of the youngsters consider their first tattoo as a mistake and look for modification
  • Other reasons why not to get a tattoo by teens:
  • Safety concerns
  • Potentially Limited Employment Concern
  • Possible Regret over design
  • Teasing by other teens
  • The reaction of the family members/teacher and other concerned members
  • Frequent changing trends that might not suit the child when adult
Tattoos in the United States

These are some basic reasons why Peter J Salzano thinks that minors should avoid getting a tattoo. Other reasons like law, permission from parents, school & college rules remains constant for all.