Peter J Salzano: Types of Temporary Tattoos That You Can Opt For

“Temporary tattoos have been trending ever since they were introduced, but henna still remains the most popular of all,” says  Peter J Salzano, a renowned tattoo artist and a blogger. The concept of temporary tattoos is quite old, but the increased interest of customers in temporary tattoos has introduced various markets.

Consider the interest of readers, today in this post Peter J Salzano has shared the popular types of temporary tattoos that you can consider:

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  • Press-On Decal Customer Temporary Tattoos

These are easy to use tattoos that stay on your body for 24 hours to 2-3 weeks depending on the type of tattoo you choose. There are generally waterproof tattoos and are used by actors for their shoots.

On the other hand, these tattoos are popular among kids and are safe to use as per the limited stay of these tattoos on the skin. You can custom design the tattoos.

  • Airbrush Temporary Tattoos

The airbrush temporary tattoos are among the most popular tattoo types currently. The concept of these tattoos is just like body paints that can easily be removed and customized. To remove the airbrush tattoos any face cleanser or gentle rub with alcohol is enough.

  • Henna Temporary Tattoos

As said before, henna temporary tattoos are among the most popular types, especially among women. Being an organic plant-based substance it is considered to be the safest tattoo type. The henna tattoo stays for approx 3-4 weeks but slowly starts to fade away after 4-5 days when applied.

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These are the popular temporary tattoo types that you all must try. Peter J Salzano says people generally try these temporary tattoos for fun or to get an idea of how a tattoo will look on their body. The entertainment industry is the biggest market for temporary tattoos.