Top 4 Tattoo Aftercare Tips By Peter J Salzano

Getting inked is one of the biggest decisions of an individual’s life. Getting a tattoo is much more than just getting a figure painted in your body. It requires an equal amount of aftercare for proper healing.

Peter J Salzano, an eminent tattoo artist says that the process of getting tattooed doesn’t end at selecting a particular design and multiple visits at the tattoo store down the lane. Special attention has to be paid on the aftercare of your newly painted tattoo.

Tattoos, when new, are nothing less than wounds. This is why your skin is susceptible to getting infections if proper aftercare precautions are not taken. 


Thus, Peter Salzano has enlisted below the top four tattoo aftercare tips.

  1. Drink lots of water: It is very important that you keep yourself hydrated. Keeping hydrated will keep your skin healthy and prevent the creeping up of harmful bacterial infections. Also, the skin will heal faster if kept properly hydrated.

  2. Use a sunblock: Protect your tattoo from harmful UV Rays. Sun rays can have a harmful impact on the tattoo exposed skin. Make sure that you apply a mild sun protection lotion on the fresh tattoo.

  3. Keep the tattoo-covered: Keeping the tattoo-covered is also one of the most effective skin healing tips. After getting your tattoo, you must keep the bandage intact for approximately 3-4 hours.

  4. Use a mild soap: Ensure that you refrain from using any harsh chemical-based soaps and liquids on your newly painted tattoo. Make use of a mild soap for maintaining the PH balance of the skin.
Peter J Salzano Tattoo Lover

Peter J Salzano suggests taking pro tips about tattoo aftercare from experienced and professional tattoo artists. Freshly painted tattoos require special attention as they are more prone to bacterial infections. A professional tattoo artist will give you the correct advice and suggest effective tattoo remedies for quick healing. Make sure you get proper guidance from a professional tattoo artist for maintaining your tattoo’s health.