What To Keep In Mind While Getting A New Tattoo- By Peter J Salzano

A tattoo is the projection of various elements of an individual’s personality. According to Peter Salzano, a passionate tattoo artist who has years of experience in crafting unique tattoos, getting inked is an important decision of one’s life. Sometimes a very deep meaning is associated with the tattoo which the individual will carry with them for the rest of their life. It is thus very important that ample thought is put into the decision of getting inked.

You do not want your tattoo to turn into a horror story that you have to stick on your arm for the rest of your life. Thus, thorough thinking has to be done before getting a new tattoo.

Below mentioned are the top four things by Peter J Salzano that should be kept in mind while getting a new tattoo.

  1. Be picky about the design: This decision should not be taken in a jiffy. Be very picky about the design of your tattoo as it will stay on your skin for the rest of your life. It could be a motivational quote, a meaningful word, or anything of significance. If the tattoo is in a different language, make sure that you are aware of the exact meaning of the tattoo.


  2. The tattoo location: You must decide the location of the tattoo with thought and conviction. The location of the tattoo will also depend on the size of the tattoo. Tattoos can be crafted on almost any part of the body.
  3. What is the reason behind getting a tattoo?: Every tattoo doesn’t have to have an associated reason, but make sure that it is presentable. Emotional sentiments can be attached to the tattoos too.


  4. The credibility of the tattoo artist: Make sure that the tattoo artist that you are visiting is experienced and has understood the sentiment attached to the tattoo. Do not proceed without checking the credibility of the tattoo artist. 
Peter Salzano - Close up of artist demonstrates the process of getting black tattoo with paint. Master working in workshop. Tattooing young man on leg. Concept: studio, customer communication, freedom, art, young

Now that you are aware of the top things to consider while getting a tattoo, make sure that after getting the tattoo you take proper aftercare measures. Peter Salzano, experienced tattoo artist suggests that you rinse the tattoo twice or thrice every day with an anti-bacterial soap to avoid any kind of inflammations.

Also, refrain from scratching the tattoo as it can lead to bruises. Keep these tips in mind to protect the tattooed skin from getting infected.